Competition 2017
Finalist | Second prize

Ribarroja | Valencia


The  intervention embraces the area aound  the old tracks of the train and the Turia riverbank to generate a physical and visual opening through the topography in order to recompose the connection of all  levels of the environment, as this environment presents serious spatial and functional problems in its relationship with its urban fronts.

The aim is to create urban paths and connect the different individual current spaces to blend together and become part of the same landscape and not just individual isolated spaces.

The proposal respects the slope of the natural water flow. This slope is reshaped to allow to have some terraces that overlook the park and a platform for cultural activities. The rest of the space occupied by the slope assembles spaces for games or simply spaces to rest.

The park, with its own identity, relates to the local context, it enhances the idea of urban connections and the green line of the ravine. This walk through the park will be accompanied by one singular element in the proposal; water.

This sheet of water, which retains the rain and symbolizes the history of the site, the Túria riverbank, interplays with the changing landscape, and like ravines do, sometimes it will bring water, sometimes it will remain dry.