Fase | Phase 
Primer premio Concurso de ideas International workshop High Rise New York ‘

First prize. International workshop High Rise design New York

Localización | Location
325 E 25th street, Nueva York

Equipo | Team
Alejandra Ruano, Christian Messeguer, Anna Solaz

Living in the city does not only mean living in a housing block between other blocks, it means living in-between the city’s consolidated fabric and becoming part of its cultural background and history. It is the place where our everyday lives get their own special meaning, where we experience freedom and privacy and where we can express our identity.
Therefore, in a city, even more important than buildings are the public spaces in between them. Streets and amenities are some of the most valuable resources the city has. These places play a crucial role in social interaction. It is the setting where our daily life takes place, and the more varied, rich and full of possibilities is this space, the more you will be able to gather people, having diversity and activity… letting people participate in their public space, feeling more identified and encouraging social relations among users.

This proposal focuses on the creation of a public space in itself. The key element in the project is the open space that flows through the block and into the street, continues and penetrates the building in all of its height.

By breaking its volumetric configuration in both directions, we are able to create public spaces that are understood as urban prolongations, becoming part of the city’s social framework. The building fades into three towers, adapting itself to the adjacent crowning heights and seeking optimal implantation in terms of sunlight, views and orientation.

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