Phase 2017-2018 |  Built

Location Bugarra | Valencia

Photography | Milena Villalba · architectural photography & Héctor Rubio · Images Positive

Finalist in the COACV awards 2019

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It is about the rehabilitation of a house formed by layers of time. Each generation had been adding fragments to this former house, so that the mediterranean ‘patio house’ nearly couldn’t be recognized anymore. The project arises with this fundamental idea: to recover life around the patio and give back the clear environment and its former landscape.

The rest of the space was organized by light. The house is moved to the first and second floors so that the ground floor can be occupied by the family bussiness. The previous succession of enclosed rooms becomes a fluid and changing space for each inhabitant to occupy his place.

(…)when we push open a door, we transform a place in a very insidious way. We offend its full extension, and introduce a disruptive and poorly proportioned obstacle. If you think about it carefully, there is nothing uglier than an open door. An open door introduces a break in the room, a sort of provincial interference, destroying the unity of space. In the adjoining room it creates a depression, an absolutely pointless gaping hole adrift in a section of wall that would have preferred to remain whole. In either case a door disrupts continuity, without offering anything in exchange other than freedom of movement, which could easily be ensured by another means. Sliding doors avoid such pitfalls and enhance space. Without affecting the balance of the room, they allow it to be transformed. When a sliding door is open, two areas communicate without offending each other. When it is closed, each regains its integrity. Sharing and reunion can occur without intrusion. Life becomes a quiet stroll(…)

Text from The elegance of the Hedgehog.  Muriel Barbery